Tankless Water Heaters

It is possible for any tankless hot water heater to serve for as long as 20 years especially while using correct installation. That is why a Tankless warm water system is also known as “Instantaneous” or “Demand” water heater.  Over time, sediment builds up within your standard water heater tank, which could interfere with the heater’s efficiency and decrease its lifespan whereas tankless water heaters do not have this issue.

water heater repairNormal storage tanks also occupy a whole lot of space which might be utilized a lot more properly. Frequently, a bigger tank dimension is essential to keep up with the high water demand. Gas line and gas pipe inspections really should be accomplished on the common basis in order to guarantee the basic safety of your home or office. A plumber should be called immediately, and even the lack or absence of domestic hot water could cause a catastrophe specifically through the peak of winter.

Trying to make a Water Heater repair yourself?

It is strongly advised to understand far more about unexpected emergency suggestions when dealing with a leaking water heater. But, if you are handy or the DIY’er type, then follow this basic list: shut down the power, turn off the breaker, turn off the water pressure before attempting to make any repairs on a water heater. If you do not feel comfortable working around gas lines or electric lines, then be sure to contact your local plumber to handle the repair. They are licensed professionals that will ensure the repair or replacement is done correctly.

Tankless water heaters are designed to give you on-demand hot water and the nest part is that the hot water never runs out. For a 50 gallon tank, their water heaters ranged in price from $188 (for sale) to $500 or more. Multiple options exist as well as the technology is advancing every single day as firms try to make better and greener options, so it can be worth your time for you to talk to multiple suppliers and visit trade shows where companies show their newest models. A hot water heater is really a vital appliance for your home and you also don’t need to discover that you just made an unhealthy choice in the middle of the shower. The facts on tankless water heater systems are available in a number of websites.

For more information on water heaters, you can visit: http://www.AllentownHotWaterHeaters.com


How Long Should My Roof Last?

roof shinglesWhen it comes to buying a new home or perhaps selling your own home, there is a very serious consideration on the roof’s condition. The roof is the one that protects the entire house and it should be in top condition right before you choose to buy the house or right before you actually sell your home.

Being able to determine how long your roof should last will answer a lot of questions. For instance, you will know how often you should perform maintenance or is it time to replace it? Now roof shingles are made from different types of materials and there is no uniform lifespan for every kind of roof. To answer your query on how long should your roof last, you have to look into several factors that in one way or another affect the longevity and condition.

So here’s a brief rundown on what to look for in order to know how long your roof can last…

Looking at the Type

As said previously, the life span of your roof will depend primarily on what kind of roofing material Bethlehem roofing contractor has installed in your home. Remember that you can choose from the common asphalt material or go unique and innovative with clay or metal. Each type carries a different level of durability and resistance to weather and external forces. So let us take a deeper look at the type of roof shingles and determine which among them can last the longest.

Asphalt Shingles

A typical roofer will tell you that the standard and commonly preferred three-tab asphalt shingles will last from fifteen to twenty years. They are also the cheapest and most affordable roof shingles you can find in the market today. However, there’s a more durable and high-end asphalt composite that you can choose, for which it provides a longer lifespan.

Architectural Shingles

If you want a more sophisticated and long lasting roof shingle, you can opt for the thicker and more textured architectural shingles. But as expected, they are a lot more expensive than traditional asphalt. This type of shingle is made from composite of asphalt, fiber glass, and some natural materials. The best architectural shingles out there can last up to thirty years. They are popular mainly because of their unique and innovative look and a significantly moderate price compared to other high end shingles.

Clay and Concrete

But if you are really considering roofing material that will practically last forever, the best choice would be clay and concrete tiles. Bethlehem roofing contractor recommends the use of this type because clay and concrete tiles may last and endure for up to forty years. While clay tiles are not as attractive, concrete varieties on the other hand usually come in different textures, designs, colors, and shapes, making them quite popular for those who want their roofs to look more attractive.

Wood Shingles and Shakes

Wood shingles are the new trend these days because of the concept of recycled materials for roofing. The standard wood shingle is a lot thinner and lighter than the older hewn wood shakes used in the past. The expected lifespan is at twenty years. Contrastingly, the recycled version of wood and shakes may actually last up to thirty years. But since shakes are a relatively new roofing material, it’s best to ask people who have used it or perhaps inquire about it through roofing experts.

Metal Roofing

If you’re who has lots of money to invest in a new roof, the metal roofing is the perfect and most expensive choice. As a matter of fact, metal roofing is not that preferred and popular in private homes. It is more likely used in commercial and industrial buildings. However, that shouldn’t prevent you from opting for a metal roof. The best characteristic of metal roofing is the fact that a roofer can provide a lifetime warranty for it. It means you may never have to replace the same at least in your lifetime.

Slate Roof

But according to the American Society of Home Inspectors, the best type of roofing when it comes to the longevity factor is slate. Most manufacturers provide at least fifty years of life expectancy and guarantee for the installation of slate shingles. It is therefore the most sensible choice for homeowners who plan to keep the house forever. But the obvious downside is that the cost of slate can double or even triple the actual cost of regular and standard roofing materials.

Other Considerations

But aside from the type of roofing material, geography and placement of the roof shingles also play major roles in determining how long your roof will last. For significant sun exposure, don’t expect your roof to last as expected and as provided by the roofer warranty. In this case, shingles facing the north will most likely last longer than those facing the south, which we all know gets more sun. For places that are vulnerable to extreme weather conditions meanwhile, the roof may not last long compared to mild weather places. So if you live in places where there are frequent hail storms, tornadoes, heavy rains, and the like, don’t expect your roof to last that long.

Tips For Finding A Great Roofer

great rooferThere’s a point in your life when you don’t have any choice but to have your roof either repaired or replaced. In this scenario, you may have to call in the experts like a great roofing contractor. But how do you exactly find the best out there? What should you be looking for in the list of so many roofers in your locality? And what sort of factors or signs makes one unique from the rest?

In this article, you will be given a number of tips (tips provided by http://www.RoofingBethlehemPA.com) on how to find a great roofer and it’s up to you how manage your search based on your roofing repair or replacement needs.

1 – First tip is to know where to look. Everyone can assume they can successfully manage hiring and finding a good roofer, but do they really know where to look for the best and reliable ones? One good way to start your search is on the web. If you are looking for a company or contractor that’s big and established enough, you’d expect them to have their own website. But keep in mind to do your search locally. You don’t want to find someone who is based in another state or has a national scope because more likely than not, they don’t have any idea or experience dealing with your local regulations especially about building and roofing requirements and permits.

2 – When it comes to picking the right and ideal roofer, there is little emphasis on selecting the cheapest price or offer, unless of course you are personally thinking of spending just a few bucks for minor repairs. But for major repairs or total roof replacement, what you need is a roofing contractor that provides the highest standards of service quality and materials used. Although it’s not really something that’s always happening, in most instances the lowest bid will also correspond to substandard quality both in service and materials. What this implies therefore is that when the time comes you need to replace your roof after decades of service you need to put in sufficient capital and money for it.

3 – Finding a good roofer means finding one that’s locally based. Yes, those companies that cater the needs of the entire nation are big enough and well-established. But one thing they really don’t tell you is that whenever they get called up for a job, they will simply outsource or hire subcontractors to handle those jobs. The result would be that you will get very poor service in return. Opting for a local roofing contractor on the other hand is a lot more sensible because they already know all the stuff related to roof repairs and replacement, including the weather in the area, permits and documents needed for the job, roofing installation codes, guidelines, and procedure, as well as homeowner association’s rules and regulations.

4 – Search for references. A reputable and reliable roofing contractor has a decent number of reviews and satisfied clients under their name. So if a prospect approaches and offers a bid, ask around. The best roofing companies in your town or city will be popular among the residents so you can conveniently ask your neighbors and friends if they know something. Also, don’t forget to check the local Better Business Bureau for a record of the company’s history including noted complaints and litigations. But of course, it’s a lot easier if the contractor has a website where you can find all the information you need about the kind service they provide and the coverage.

5 – But aside from looking at the good side of the company through previous clients’ reviews and opinions, you also have to carefully observe and identify the bad signs. For instance, you certainly don’t want to hire a roofing contractor who has bad customer service, particularly phone manners. You may have observed it yourself – when you call a prospective roofing contractor, it seems like the person on the other end of the call is not welcoming and hospitable. The moment you see that sign, courteously end the conversation and look for someone else who can accommodate you and someone who is willing to answer your questions.

roofing contractorFinally, think of your responsibility of finding a great roofer as a life changing decision. Keep in mind that when you hire someone to install a roof or perhaps do major repairs, you will be living with the kind of work output that someone provided for twenty up to fifty years. So you will also most likely spend thousands of dollars in the process. Therefore, make sure you find the best one out there to avoid disappointments and regrets.

When is the Best Time to Install a New Roof?

roofing shinglesA lot of people ask when the best time to install a new roof is. The answer primarily lies on the kind of weather you have at your area or locality and other minor considerations. If you talk to roofing experts and home improvement gurus, they will likely tell you it’s during the autumn or fall. But the question is why do you choose replacing your roof during this period?

For any roof replacement endeavor, doing so in winter is a lot more advantageous and beneficial compared to other seasons or weather conditions. For example, it is quite obvious that autumn means the absence of strong and powerful storms, which of course are the number one enemy of roofing shingles replacement and repair. While there’s the sun, the same isn’t overly hot during the fall. That means your roofing contractor can do the job with more convenience and they can work on longer hours since there’s no scorching heat of the sun. Longer working hours for one day means more progress. Also, you don’t have to worry about the condition of the roofers since they won’t actually be subjected to rain or heat exhaustion.

In order to further appreciate the idea of installing a new roof in autumn, it is best to look at the technical aspects and factors involved in the process of roof replacement. For instance, the installation of new roofing shingles correspond to the need of more time for sealing and making airtight barrier that should be specifically designed to withstand and endure even the toughest weather conditions. Keep in mind that the roof is the most exposed and abused part of the house, thus, it should as well be the toughest and most durable. Now if you do the roof replacement project during autumn, you give the shingles more than enough time to form the barrier right because the harsh winter begins.

Bear in mind that if there is a dire need to replace your roof, it’s a common mistake for the homeowner to just let the same pass through and endure one winter and waiting for the spring to start right before commencing the project. It should be particularly noted that even the smallest damages, leaks, or dents will be aggravated and worsen the moment you let winter pass through. For instance, a faulty or leaking roof under a large snowfall is quite frightening for those living inside the house. Since snow is ice, the weight of the same will certainly put some stress and pressure on the roof, which in turn leads to major structural damages and moisture-linked problems.

Why Consider Roof Replacement?

There’s one good reason why you must seriously consider replacing your roofing shingles and that is because you’re safety is always at risk when you simply ignore imminent problems in the roof. So the moment you feel like there’s something wrong, you can either perform a thorough and complete roof inspection on your own or perhaps hire a local roofer to do a professional evaluation and assessment of the problem. While you will be required to pay them, it’s all worth it especially when they officially declare that you really need to do some new installation on your roof. Now if the contractor recommends installation or replacement, do not wait for some other time act immediately.roof replacement

So when you’re in desperate need of a roof replacement, make your move as soon as the time is right. But of course, you do have to consider the budget. It won’t matter if the time is right when you’ve got less than what the expected cost is. Remember that roof replacement can cost a lot especially if you have a large area to cover. But the good thing is that most if not all roofing contractors provide a comprehensive estimate as to how much are you projected to pay in order to get the job done.

How Do I Know if I Need a New Roof?

The roof is one of the most important components of the house. It protects the home and the people living inside from the outside elements such as the sun, rain, dust, storms, and more. However, no single roof, regardless of quality and kind can last for a lifetime. While there are several types of roofs available for purchase and use, it’s no secret that a shingled variety is the most common and popular choice, at least in private homes and dwellings. But even a shingled roof, though it is durable, has an average lifespan of just twenty years. But that merely accounts for those that aren’t really subjected to extreme weather conditions.shutterstock_6160933

But one problem in roofing shingles is the question of when are you going to need a new one. Homeowners will eventually face roofing issues at least once in their lifetime but the tricky part is when should be the right moment for roof replacement, or you ask yourself: how do I know if I need a new roof?

But before we go on determining the signs for roof replacement, you should be reminded that most if not all types of major roofing issues must be referred to a professional. And if the damage or problem is beyond repair, that’s the time you need to opt for a new roof.

First thing to do in order to determine if you do need a new roof is to look for signs of buckling. By definition, it’s a type of problem that occurs whenever a roof isn’t ventilated or installed properly. It can also happen when new shingles are laid while the old ones are not properly removed. You should be aware that whenever there is buckling in various areas of the roof, it’s a sign that roof replacement must be done as soon as possible.

Next, put an effort in inspecting and checking the ground within your house’s perimeter to find pieces of roofing shingles that may have been blown or dropped out of your roof. Whenever there is substantial loss of shingles, that’s a sign that you should be seriously considering putting a new roof.

You also have to find out if there is specific sagging in the ceiling of your home. If you find one and have been tolerant, you have to be reminded that a sagging ceiling is actually an indication that there’s significant water damage and leak, and those are most likely caused by leaking in some parts of the roof. If you have an attic, you have to go up there and check for the same problem. You’ll easily see any water leaks from the roof through the attic.

Are there any specific spot or discoloration found on your roofing shingles? If there is, that can be a case of the growth of algae or moss. But you become confused why algae thrive in the roof. The answer is trapped moisture. When the roof becomes old enough, it tends to welcome and trap moisture, leading to leaks and damage due to the growth of algae. If the area infested is large enough, you have to think about replacing the roof with a new one.

Also, be sure to look for other signs of deterioration such as rotting shingles. There are several times when roof replacement is merely caused by this small problem which is ignored and tolerated. The level or amount of rotting is serious and needs replacement when holes and obvious signs of deterioration are already seen. Keep in mind that rotting can spread so fast in the room subjected to air and water every second.

roof replacement

And yes, termites also infest the roof. That’s why a termite inspection procedure must be done. As a matter of fact, that area in between the shingles and insulation is the ideal place for termites to dwell and thrive. You will certainly need a new roof the moment you discover that the same termites have been slowly eating the roof supports and wood components. Be reminded that a large termite infestation needs elimination, not control. Hence, replace your roof with a new one. The good thing is that there are companies that can help you deal with it.

And finally, you have to consider your roof’s age when you’re contemplating on replacing the same. Sometimes, people tend to ignore the fact that their homes are in dire need of roof replacement after more than twenty years of service and protection. The age consideration is likewise linked to the cost of opting for repair. What this means is that it is no longer practical to prefer roof repairs for a roof that is already reaching thirty years of age, since you will most likely spend more on the repair instead of replacing the same. Therefore, the most practical and sensible option is roof replacement.

We just Had a Hail Storm, Should I be Concerned About my Roof?

roof damageIf there is one very popular question people ask about roofing is if they really need to be concerned about their roof right after surviving a hail storm. This is a question that comes into http://www.RoofingBethlehemPA.com every time Bethlehem Pennsylvania experiences a hail storm. The question is really caused by the uncertainty if there is a big enough damage to warrant for a replacement. So if you’re one of those people begging to ask a roofing contractor about the possibility of replacing the roof after a hail, then this article will certainly help you come up with an educated decision.

First up, hail storms vary in terms of power. That means there are mild, moderate, and strong ones. In many instances thought, there’s really no obvious damage or breaks one can see on their roofs. But it doesn’t mean you don’t have to be concerned at all. If you read on, you’ll learn how to determine if there is really substantial hail damage that in turn should be a cause for concern.

First thing to do right after a hail storm is to check and inspect the roof immediately. Just make sure the storm is gone though. Any damage will definitely come from the stones brought by the storm. But then again, any damage caused by a large piece will become visible. Nonetheless, it doesn’t mean smaller stones cannot inflict damage as well. But you should be happy if you don’t see any hole, major cracks, or dents.

Bear in mind as well that even the mildest hail storms can result to a variety of roof damages that will need the help of a roofing company. Now if you fail to inspect in the earliest time possible, the damage will likely be missed out, and will only be seen when the same have led to more serious roofing problems. Hail involves very dense and heavy stuff, so even the smallest stones that drop on the roof will almost certainly damage, break, or knock some shingles off. Also, structural damages may arise, including those in the gutter. While you seem to be not worrying, because the storm wasn’t really that big; the smallest and invisible issues caused by it may correspond to leaks which in turn will definitely risk the general condition of the roof.

So in order to make sure that there is nothing to be really concerned or worried about, you have to follow or at least understand the options you have in inspecting your roof right after a hail storm. But of course, you still can avail of the services of a roofing contractor should you want to be extra sure. Nonetheless, inspection can be done by you but keep in mind that the job isn’t easy. In fact, there are risks involved.roofing company

A full scale inspection however is the one you should be opting for and that can only be done by a roofing company. You have two ways – contact your insurance company that covers the roofing problems at home or perhaps call the roofing contractor yourself. But then again, double check the insurance policy you signed because you may be charged for the costs of getting your roof inspected beyond or under the parameters of the policy.

Overall, it’s fair and safe to say that you must only be concerned about the condition of your roof right after you’ve inspected the same immediately after a hail storm.

How to Find a Great Roofing Contractor

roofing companyThere are so many reasons why you need to find the best roofing contractor and perhaps the most practical one is to make sure you’re getting your roof done the way you want it. But how do you find one these days? Are there qualities you should be seeking or should you be looking for a specific type of service they offer? In this article, we give some of the most crucial things you have to know when it comes to finding a great roofing company.

Picking an effective and highly reliable roofing contractor isn’t a walk in the park. It’s not just about going out there and selecting the very first one that you stumble on. You need to look for the basics like how many years they have been in the industry, insurance coverage, references, and the kind and coverage of service they provide. But it also doesn’t mean that right after you’ve meticulously considered those factors, you can then say you’ve found the right one. Actually factors remain as basics and they don’t really separate the average from the great ones.

So here are your tips…

1 – When your hunting for a good roofing company that’ll make your money’s worth, don’t settle for the cheapest and most affordable bid. Keep in mind that there’s a good reason why they dive deep on the service charge and that’s because the kind of service they provide isn’t as much as comprehensive as you’d expect. It has been a common trend that the better contractor is the one that is always more expensive. However, you do have a long shot at finding a group of guys who give you a very likable deal with the best service possible.

2- Always settle for a company or contractor that is based locally. Remember that most of the time and most of the states in the country require permits in the business. At this point, you don’t want to get a bunch of roofing guys who can’t get the right papers to start working. Hence, opting for a local company is your best move. Another benefit is that a great local roofing contractor will always be familiar with the area that it covers and can deal with problems by way of complete familiarity with local roofing installation guidelines, procedures, and regulations.

3 – Also, find one that bears the owner’s name in the company name or perhaps that kind of contractor that’s been operated by the same family for generations. While you have the liberty to choose, it’s always good advice to pick one that has built a good reputation over the years, and that’s what a multi-generation roofing company has to offer. One of their most obvious advantages is the fact that they’ve been around for a long time to understand mostly if not all types of roofing problems and installation trends.

roofing contractor4 – Make it a priority to find a company that has established a very optimistic and positive relationship and image, not just with suppliers and vendors, but also past customers. Just like purchasing a product or item, you always get good advice from friends, associates, workmates, and neighbors. When you’re searching, be able to ask around. You can create a shortlist of roofing companies and then ask each of them about their experience in terms of relationship building with suppliers and customers alike. When you hear some negative feedback, keep them in mind. When you hear lots of bad opinion, proceed to the next.

5 – Never commit the mistake of opting for a roofing contractor that doesn’t maintain a good customer phone service. You must be reminded that if the person that answers your calls doesn’t sound welcoming and hospitable, there’s a good chance you’ll end up hiring a bad service. It’s one indication that they’re not really into the commitment of satisfying customers simply by putting someone who has a bad attitude on the phone.

6 – And best of all, you have to look for a roofing contractor that will never hesitate to help you regardless of the size of your project. You see, there are so many contractors out there that will initially ask you about how big or small your project is. If it happens to be small enough, they develop cold feet. In this case, they don’t deserve to be paid and you must be on your way in looking for a better one.