How Do I Know if I Need a New Roof?

The roof is one of the most important components of the house. It protects the home and the people living inside from the outside elements such as the sun, rain, dust, storms, and more. However, no single roof, regardless of quality and kind can last for a lifetime. While there are several types of roofs available for purchase and use, it’s no secret that a shingled variety is the most common and popular choice, at least in private homes and dwellings. But even a shingled roof, though it is durable, has an average lifespan of just twenty years. But that merely accounts for those that aren’t really subjected to extreme weather conditions.shutterstock_6160933

But one problem in roofing shingles is the question of when are you going to need a new one. Homeowners will eventually face roofing issues at least once in their lifetime but the tricky part is when should be the right moment for roof replacement, or you ask yourself: how do I know if I need a new roof?

But before we go on determining the signs for roof replacement, you should be reminded that most if not all types of major roofing issues must be referred to a professional. And if the damage or problem is beyond repair, that’s the time you need to opt for a new roof.

First thing to do in order to determine if you do need a new roof is to look for signs of buckling. By definition, it’s a type of problem that occurs whenever a roof isn’t ventilated or installed properly. It can also happen when new shingles are laid while the old ones are not properly removed. You should be aware that whenever there is buckling in various areas of the roof, it’s a sign that roof replacement must be done as soon as possible.

Next, put an effort in inspecting and checking the ground within your house’s perimeter to find pieces of roofing shingles that may have been blown or dropped out of your roof. Whenever there is substantial loss of shingles, that’s a sign that you should be seriously considering putting a new roof.

You also have to find out if there is specific sagging in the ceiling of your home. If you find one and have been tolerant, you have to be reminded that a sagging ceiling is actually an indication that there’s significant water damage and leak, and those are most likely caused by leaking in some parts of the roof. If you have an attic, you have to go up there and check for the same problem. You’ll easily see any water leaks from the roof through the attic.

Are there any specific spot or discoloration found on your roofing shingles? If there is, that can be a case of the growth of algae or moss. But you become confused why algae thrive in the roof. The answer is trapped moisture. When the roof becomes old enough, it tends to welcome and trap moisture, leading to leaks and damage due to the growth of algae. If the area infested is large enough, you have to think about replacing the roof with a new one.

Also, be sure to look for other signs of deterioration such as rotting shingles. There are several times when roof replacement is merely caused by this small problem which is ignored and tolerated. The level or amount of rotting is serious and needs replacement when holes and obvious signs of deterioration are already seen. Keep in mind that rotting can spread so fast in the room subjected to air and water every second.

roof replacement

And yes, termites also infest the roof. That’s why a termite inspection procedure must be done. As a matter of fact, that area in between the shingles and insulation is the ideal place for termites to dwell and thrive. You will certainly need a new roof the moment you discover that the same termites have been slowly eating the roof supports and wood components. Be reminded that a large termite infestation needs elimination, not control. Hence, replace your roof with a new one. The good thing is that there are companies that can help you deal with it.

And finally, you have to consider your roof’s age when you’re contemplating on replacing the same. Sometimes, people tend to ignore the fact that their homes are in dire need of roof replacement after more than twenty years of service and protection. The age consideration is likewise linked to the cost of opting for repair. What this means is that it is no longer practical to prefer roof repairs for a roof that is already reaching thirty years of age, since you will most likely spend more on the repair instead of replacing the same. Therefore, the most practical and sensible option is roof replacement.


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