We just Had a Hail Storm, Should I be Concerned About my Roof?

roof damageIf there is one very popular question people ask about roofing is if they really need to be concerned about their roof right after surviving a hail storm. This is a question that comes into http://www.RoofingBethlehemPA.com every time Bethlehem Pennsylvania experiences a hail storm. The question is really caused by the uncertainty if there is a big enough damage to warrant for a replacement. So if you’re one of those people begging to ask a roofing contractor about the possibility of replacing the roof after a hail, then this article will certainly help you come up with an educated decision.

First up, hail storms vary in terms of power. That means there are mild, moderate, and strong ones. In many instances thought, there’s really no obvious damage or breaks one can see on their roofs. But it doesn’t mean you don’t have to be concerned at all. If you read on, you’ll learn how to determine if there is really substantial hail damage that in turn should be a cause for concern.

First thing to do right after a hail storm is to check and inspect the roof immediately. Just make sure the storm is gone though. Any damage will definitely come from the stones brought by the storm. But then again, any damage caused by a large piece will become visible. Nonetheless, it doesn’t mean smaller stones cannot inflict damage as well. But you should be happy if you don’t see any hole, major cracks, or dents.

Bear in mind as well that even the mildest hail storms can result to a variety of roof damages that will need the help of a roofing company. Now if you fail to inspect in the earliest time possible, the damage will likely be missed out, and will only be seen when the same have led to more serious roofing problems. Hail involves very dense and heavy stuff, so even the smallest stones that drop on the roof will almost certainly damage, break, or knock some shingles off. Also, structural damages may arise, including those in the gutter. While you seem to be not worrying, because the storm wasn’t really that big; the smallest and invisible issues caused by it may correspond to leaks which in turn will definitely risk the general condition of the roof.

So in order to make sure that there is nothing to be really concerned or worried about, you have to follow or at least understand the options you have in inspecting your roof right after a hail storm. But of course, you still can avail of the services of a roofing contractor should you want to be extra sure. Nonetheless, inspection can be done by you but keep in mind that the job isn’t easy. In fact, there are risks involved.roofing company

A full scale inspection however is the one you should be opting for and that can only be done by a roofing company. You have two ways – contact your insurance company that covers the roofing problems at home or perhaps call the roofing contractor yourself. But then again, double check the insurance policy you signed because you may be charged for the costs of getting your roof inspected beyond or under the parameters of the policy.

Overall, it’s fair and safe to say that you must only be concerned about the condition of your roof right after you’ve inspected the same immediately after a hail storm.


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